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My name is David Peterson and I am a professional who has a full time job as Chief Innovation Officer at a Baton Rouge Bank. But I also have a passion for sailing and try to go sailing as often as I can. What I do is put together sailing adventures for past (and future) friends, folks who are looking for a different type of vacation. This document will provide background information for you to understand what I offer. If you are interested in booking a sailing trip or want to setup a call to discuss it, you can reach me at or 229-630-1000 (m).


I will rent a boat that accommodates the group best. Most of my charters are for three couples and I rent a 4 cabin catamarans, these are luxury vessels with AC, individual cabins w private bathroom and shower. The size of the boat and the amount of extra features all play a part in the ultimate price of the charter. It is perfectly fine for families to book a trip, even with small children. The catamarans have an extra bunk in the forward hull on each side. Perfect for a child 12 or under (or even several …)

Here is a sample of the catamarans that I rent for trips –

Fine, I’ll sail whatever. But, unless the group all have some sailing experience, it is my experience that most people are unnerved at the amount of “heel” in a monohull sailboat, where the boat leans to one side as it is sailing. For that reason, I rent catamarans, which have little to no heel even when whipping on a beam reach …

A PowerCat is essential a catamaran with no sails and beefed up engines. It has all of the luxury of the sailing cat but … no sailing. As such, I will gladly take a group on a PowerCat for an additional fee of $5000.

Depends on the sailboat you want to rent. Here is what I do; I work with the group to determine the sailboat that best fits their group and budget. Then the group pays for the sailboat charter. All of it. For example, say there are three couples going, the total cost of the sailboat is split three ways. Then the individuals (including me) divide all other costs. I pay my own transportation to / from the charter location and I pay my share of food, drink and incidentals.

Costs to consider is a) charter $ b) travel to / from the charter location, c) food for onboard, d) eating out (we usually do this for two main meals), e) incidentals/gifts/etc.

While i don’t charge any fees for my services in putting together your adventure sailing trip, I do accept gifts or gratuities.

Depending on where we are sailing, I will put together a rough itinerary of what that week will look like. This helps to organize activities such as on shore activities and cooking meals on board. But it’s our trip and I have never been on a sailing trip where we followed the itinerary to the letter. We always adjust to allow people to experience a true sailing adventure. Trips are generally 1 week and run Saturday to Saturday.

No, but if you wanted to learn, I’ll teach you. This is a vacation where, from time to time, you will be needed to help out handling a line or fending off a dock, picking up a mooring ball or assist with the anchoring process. I’ll show all of these skills to you and of course, in an emergency, it’s “all hands on deck”. But if your idea of a weeks sailing vacation is a lot of lounging on the front trampoline with an adult beverage after finishing an hour dive or snorkel on the reef, then that is what you can have.

Do you remember the old Love Boat show (for Gen X or younger, you may have to look up this reference …)? For this trip, I serve as Capt Stubbing, Doc, Julie, Gopher and Issac. I will make drinks, assist in activities such as snorkeling, take you where you want to go and cook the main meals. Its always fun when everyone pitches in and I will not refuse any help you want to provide.

I am not a certified PADI diver and so I cannot assist you or lead diving trips. But if you are a certified diver, you are welcome to dive on this trip. You can rent all of the equipment you will need on location, as it is not feasible to bring your tanks on international flights.

Reminder that you should never drive alone, so if you intend to dive, be sure that one other member of your party is also a certified diver.”

Snorkeling is amazing, bring fins, mask and snorkel or rent them on island. In addition to reefs, there are wrecks that are in shallow water that are very interesting. We can fish as long as we are not in a protected fishing area; I bring a fishing rig to catch fish, nothing better than fresh Tuna, Kingfish or Mahi for dinner! You can rent a kayak or paddleboard to use during the week. Onshore, there are hikes, geological features (like The Baths on Virgin Gorda) and you can even reserve spa treatments and get pampered.

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