Sailing Certifications

I am an experienced sailing captain and have sailing certifications for Bareboat Sailing (Charters), Coastal Cruising, and Catamaran. I can captain monohulls up to 74′ and catamarans up to 54′  my license requires that I be at anchor by sunset each day.

I’ll sail most anywhere in the Caribbean, but most of the trips I put together are for people who have little way to experience sailing. For that reason, The British Virgin Islands (BVIs) are the best as there are many islands, all clustered together with no open ocean sailing required. If you are an experienced sailor and bringing experienced family or friends, other destinations to consider are the rest of the Caribbean, Belize, the Mediterranean, or the Seychelles Islands.

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Check Out This Video of Sailing in the BVIs

Are you new to Sailing? Many people who are not experienced sailors are understandably curious, even nervous about booking a week long sailing trip. For this reason, I take all my first time sailors to the British Virgin Islands (BVIs). The BVIs feature beauty in every aspect, many islands to explore, favorable weather and wind, great snorkel and dive spots and unbelievable sailing. And you can have an amazing week long adventure and never be out of sight of land.

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Click here to view a comprehensive video of a sailing circumnavigation around the BVIs. With the exception of visiting Anegada, a large island to the east of Tortola, my trips cover nearly every other spot featured on this video. Thanks to my favorite charter company, Horizon Yacht Charters ( for this excellent video.

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